Thursday, April 11, 2013

From PSY to Gwiomi

Opp..Opp..Opp..Oppa Gangnam Style..This is how PSY hit the world with his music and horse riding dance. I wonder how he can so famous? Should I create a new dance or a topic to make myself famous..Anyway I am for not going for fame or glory, so chill lah don't make me famous..

After Mr.Horse riding Style, then another trend pop out..Yes is pop out I say.. Harlem Shake..Shake shake shake, Shake your body... No lah is con los terrorista. I wonder how a person keep on shaking and suddenly come with a bunch of people shaking with their own way..Hmm, some is weird, some is funny, some is sexy and at the end of the story is stupid...Ha ha

And here come the new trend Gwiomi (give them around applause). Hmm, I was thinking should I join this trend..Suddenly out of no where my friend say What the hell? You want to follow people act cute ar? You brain spoil ar? Nothing to do ar? Alamak...friend, I just want to understand this trend only. I dont want to act cute lah..

Anyway, let see what next...haha

Back and ready to blog + Disclaimer

It have been a while I stop blogging.. I think around 2 years or may be more..Ha ha.. I think I will blog if  the time allowed me to do so.. By the way I have change my blog name from Earth Being Philosophy to I see, I listen, I think, I blog. May be some of my reader will ask why you change your freaking blog name. How should I reply to this question..

Oh ya, I know how to answer:..
1. Problem? Is my blog
2.Just for fun lah kawan
3. Feel that the name not suitable

What about the lame lame post of yourself? Hmm, good question.. Ha ha.. New name, new post..So let the old things go away..Moving Forward..May be some of my old post you like it, just keep it as a memory.. Ha ha..( Day Dreaming).. Anyway, I am thinking what should I post in blog..Any ideas? I guess I will be posting about anything I want by following Malaysia Constitution. So stay tune with me..

Before I forget, I need to disclaim something:
1. I am responsible for what I post but not what you understand
2. You have the right to share and comment, but I have the right to order/ask/request/ you to stop what ever you are doing about my post (in any form)
3. new disclaim will be add on in times being